Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"The Record of Currupira," a 1954 short story by Robert Abernathy

Thanks to the folks at Project Gutenberg and ManyBooks.net, you can read or download "The Record of Currupira," a short story written by American science fiction author Robert Abernathy (1924-1990). Originally published in the January 1954 issue of Fantastic Universe magazine, the story revolves around two scientists, a linguist and an archeologist, who make a surprising discovery in relics recovered from a dead Martian civilization on the Red Planet. Here are the opening lines of "The Record of Currupira":

James Dalton strode briskly through the main exhibit room of New York's Martian Museum, hardly glancing to right or left though many displays had been added since his last visit. The rockets were coming home regularly now and their most valuable cargoes -- at least from a scientist's point of view -- were the relics of an alien civilization brought to light by the archeologists excavating the great dead cities.

One new exhibit did catch Dalton's eye. He paused to read the label with interest...

Tinkoo Valia of the blog Variety SF has a detailed summary of “The Record of Currupira” and gives the story a rating of B.

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