Friday, March 26, 2010

A podcast of Colin P. Davies’ 2009 novelette “The Certainty Principle”

In celebration of its 200th episode, science fiction podcast website Beam Me Up aired a reading of “The Certainty Principle” (mp3, 54 min.), a recent novelette written by British SF author Colin P. Davies. Published in the February 2009 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, "The Certainty Principle" revolves around a space naval officer named John Hale, who checks into the Red Planet Low-Gravity Retreat on Earth after being dishonorably discharged because of a fatal incident on Mars. A tale about the political and cultural tension between mother-born humans and vat-born beings, there’s plenty of action, a bit of romance, and even a sleek maroon Porsche!

Colin P. Davies is the author of two other stories about Mars: “A Touch of Earth” (1995) and “The Girl with the Four-Dimensional Head” (2004), both of which were published in his collection Tall Tales on the Iron Horse (2008).


Beam Me Up said...

I just wanted to mention that the reader of the story was CrystalWizard of Abandoned Towers fame.She really does the story justice. It should go without saying that Colin's book Tall Tales on the Iron Horse is a really fun read with great stories like the one who's namesake is the book's title. There is very little doubt that Colin is a very capable writer.

Paul said...

Thanks for reminding me about the reader. I agree, Colin is a very capable writer. I don't subscribe to Asimov's, but I bought the February 2009 issue last year just so I could read Colin's story. No regrets. Great story!

Beam Me Up said...

Birds of a Feather it would seem Paul for I did the same thing when I saw his name. I don't subscribe either but it was economics that made that decision for me. Not so much the overall cost but that the magazine aggregators were not offering any deals...sigh. I did get a copy of Tall tales though. I could not believe how professionally it was put together. (God it sounds like I am selling the book! lol but then if you look at the stories that I have asked to read that are in the book....) and the stories!!! Chicken, The Defenders, Evangelist and then to stumble upon his Pestworld stories.... yep, you can color me a fan for sure.

Beam Me Up