Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Notorious “Ludington librarian” in legal dispute with infamous PublishAmerica

According to legal documents filed with the Circuit Court for Frederick County, Maryland, Sally Stern-Hamilton, the notorious “Ludington librarian” who was fired from her job as an assistant at the public library in Ludington, Michigan in the summer of 2008 after writing The Library Diaries, an unflattering book about the quirky and disreputable patrons with whom she interacted, is involved in a contract dispute with PublishAmerica, an infamous vanity press located in Maryland. Presumably, the dispute revolves around Stern-Hamilton’s book, which was written under a pseudonym and published by PublishAmerica in June 2008. Stern-Hamilton’s initial complaint against PublishAmerica was dismissed by the court in December 2009, but she has just filed an amended complaint.

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