Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“Freeing Spirit,” a new Doctor Who-inspired short story by Stuart Atkinson

British amateur astronomer and writer Stuart Atkinson just posted a new science fiction short story titled “Freeing Spirit” (2010) on his literary blog, Barsoom Tales. Inspired by the television series Doctor Who, the tale revolves around the rescue of Spirit, NASA's trapped rover, from the sands of Mars. Here are the opening lines:

“Hold tight, this might be a bit, um, bumpy...” Rose heard the Doctor shout over the groaning roar of the TARDIS’ engines. She knew that if he was worried enough about the landing to warn her, it was going to be hard. Nodding her understanding she clutched at the control desk, grabbing it so hard her knuckles turned white...

Stuart Atkinson also maintains a personal webpage, where you’ll find links to his astro-poetry, as well as the science blog Cumbrian Sky, which focuses on the night sky and space exploration.

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