Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Biographical Dictionary of Authors Guild Insiders: Simon Marcus

Yesterday’s political rally in Searchlight, Nevada, reminded me that it is time to post another entry in The Biographical Dictionary of Authors Guild Insiders. The Authors Guild “insiders” are those senior staff members who worked in smoke-filled backrooms with the Guild's publishing allies to craft a spurious legal agreement in a brazen attempt to sell the copyrighted works of tens of thousands of non-Guild writers to Google for $125 million. Here’s the entry for Simon Marcus:

Simon Marcus, who consults with the Guild, has extensive knowledge of book databases and database technology as the chief operating officer of The Library Corporation [TLC], a library database services provider. Mr. Marcus played a particularly significant role in consulting on database security issues. [The Public Index]

Simon Marcus brings a depth of operations experience to his position at TLC, with a career based on successful project management and process improvement for prominent organizations. Mr. Marcus joined TLC in early 2007 with a working knowledge of the company, having previously served as TLC's Director of Implementation. Before returning to TLC, Mr. Marcus served as Chief Operating Officer of the Authors Guild, the oldest and largest American organization for published authors. Before joining the Guild, Mr. Marcus was Projects Manager for the New York office of AM+A, a leading Web design firm. Prior to that, he served the YMCA of Greater New York, where he combined six customer service units into one department processing over $16 million in annual revenues. Mr. Marcus's career began in MetLife's Real Estate Investments Group as a Business Process Analyst. He went on to manage resident services at MetLife's Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant Town, the largest real estate complex in Manhattan. Mr. Marcus holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Bard College (NY). [The Library Corporation]

Previous entries include biographical sketches of the Authors Guild’s executive director, Paul Aiken, general counsel, Jan Constantine, and director of legal services, Anita Fore.

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