Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 amazing Mars pulp covers

I’ve compiled a gallery on Flickr of ten Mars science fiction & fantasy pulp magazine covers, all from Amazing Stories, ranging from the late 1920s to the mid-1960s. Check it out and please let me know which cover you like best!


Doc Mars said...

Hi Paul!
It's a great and nice job you do with these martian covers.
I prefer the shocking cover of Amazing Stories (april 1950) depicting "When Two Worlds Meet" by Robert Moore Williams.
Poor little green martian!

Paul said...

Thanks, Doc Mars! My favorite is the cover illustrating Harl Vincent's story "Thia of the Drylands" (July 1932).

Archimedes Q. Porter said...

I was surprised to see that none of the J. Allen St. John covers were included, especially those for "City of Mummies", "Black Pirares of Barsoom", "Yellow Men of Mars",and "Invisible Men of Mars". Also the Frank R. Paul cover for "Master Mind of Mars".


Paul said...

Archimedes: Thanks for the comment. I left out the Amazing covers depicting ERB's works on purpose. I'm not familiar with "City of Mummies" or "Black Pirates of Barsoom" but I'll certainly look into them and add them to my Flickr photostream.

Paul said...

Thanks Archimedes. Just added "City of Mummies" and "Black Pirates of Barsoom" to my Flickr photostream. Other suggestions are welcome.

Mauricem said...

Nice gallery! I like the one with the pods attacking because its epic and the one with crab creature about to attack because it practically tells the whole story.