Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Douglas Preston’s new novel Impact crashes down The New York Times bestsellers list

Macmillan author and intellectual elitist Douglas Preston, whose new Mars-related novel Impact reached #4 on The New York Times’s hardcover fiction bestseller list earlier this year, is crashing down the chart. After falling to #15, the novel has now plummeted to #29. At this velocity, Impact is predicted to vanish by March 1st.

In related news, Amazon’s “Verified Purchase” program cannot confirm that bestselling gothic author Anne Rice bought 10 copies of Impact in support of Preston, as she claimed on her blog nearly two weeks ago. No word yet on whether Rice intends to distribute the books to needy readers or entitled authors.


Mauricem said...

My brother's a writer, I can only imagine his disappointment if a novel he worked so hard on fell so far. Still, at least he should be grateful it started out so well.

Paul said...

Preston has no one to blame but himself. Maybe if he had not insulted his readers, they might have pushed it all the way up to #1!