Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson to include three Mars stories

The table of contents for The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson, edited by Jonathan Strahan and to be published in the United States by Night Shade Books, has been released. Comprised of 23 short stories and novellas spanning Robinson’s entire career, the 300-page volume will include three stories previously published in Robinson's collection, The Martians (2000):

"Arthur Sternbach Brings The Curveball To Mars" (1999)
"Sexual Dimorphism" (1999)
"Discovering Life" (2000)

The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson is scheduled to be released in mid-2010.



Doc Mars said...

"The Crowded Colony"
A martian short story by Jay B. Drexel in Planet Stories (fall 1950)

Doc Mars said...

Jay B. Drexel is a pseudo for the well known writer Jerome Bixby.

Paul said...

Thanks, Doc Mars, but I just blogged about this story a few days ago.

Doc Mars said...

Sorry Paul,
I've missed your earlier post.