Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review of 1953 film Invaders From Mars

The Sci-Fi Dude just reviewed the classic 1953 science fiction film Invaders From Mars, starring Jimmy Hunt, Helena Carter and Arthur Franz. Giving the film 2 stars out of 5, the dude concludes: “Overall, Invaders From Mars was decent entertainment but left a lot to be desired. Though there were some saving graces, they’re not enough for me to recommend it... unless you’re a fan of not-so-good Science Fiction movies from the 1950’s.”

Pictured: Promotional poster for Invaders From Mars.

[via the Classic Science Fiction Channel]


Crotchety Old Fan said...

Hey Paul, thanks for covering the new curator at Classic Science Fiction Channel - but the "via" is not from COF, it's frmo


Paul said...

Thanks, Steve. I saw the reference one day but couldn't find it again the next! I've made the correction.