Saturday, January 9, 2010

1930 cartoon stars Bimbo the dog, future pal to Betty Boop, trapped on Mars

I’m not a big fan of the cartoon character Betty Boop, but here’s a black-and-white gem from the film vault: Bimbo the dog, future pal to Betty Boop, in “Up to Mars” (1930), a Max Fleischer production. The synopsis, taken from the Big Cartoon Database:

Bimbo is setting off fireworks. A mouse gets in his way, and the two of them get into a dynamite fight, sending Bimbo to Mars. On Mars, Bimbo encounters strange behavior, such as an alien trying to put a gigantic letter in a small mailbox, only to put the mailbox into the letter, a robber giving money (at gunpoint) to his victim, and other craziness.


Doc Mars said...

Nice toon with craziest martians!
Paul, another nice trip to Mars with Koko the clown (1924):
If you like Felix the Cat, see
Astronomeus (1928):

Paul said...

Thanks, Doc Mars. I'll add them to my "to do" list!