Wednesday, December 16, 2009

“The Stone Goddess,” a new horror story by Sean Monaghan

SF/F/H writer Sean Monaghan’s new horror story, “The Stone Goddess,” was recently published in Horror Through the Ages (Lame Goat Press, 2009), an anthology edited by Christopher Jacobsmeyer and comprised of “a multitude of horror stories from virtually every time period, prehistoric to distant future.” Featuring a Mars-based researcher reeling from the loss of his lover but still focused on finding the ever-elusive “holy grail” of Martian microbial life, here are the opening lines of “The Stone Goddess”:

Ben shook dust from his undersuit and keyed the light on. That formation yesterday, at the edge of the valley, he'd dreamed of it. Something about ... an alien visitor ... about ... ... but the dream slipped away. It was a good place to look, he thought. A good place to take some samples from. Perhaps there would be some microbes in the shady soil nearby, or colonising the vesicles within. Today's workplan wouldn't let him go back, though.

Ben kissed his fingertip and touched it to the photo of Danielle that flickered on the bedside table. "Morning honey," he whispered. ...

Sean Monaghan tutors in creative writing and writes stories in a range of genres. His science fiction stories have appeared in Other Voices, Infinite Windows, 365tomorrows and others. Sean currently lives in New Zealand. More about his writing at his website,

Pictured: Cover of Horror Through the Ages.


Angel Zapata said...

Horror Through the Ages is on my Christmas wish list. Sean's work is always thought-provoking and simply out of this world. Another great story of his is "The Vampire Gustave at the End of the Universe" published in Bewildering Stories, Issue 359.

Jodi MacArthur said...

I own this book. Sean's story completely blew me away. My favorite out of all the great writes. Creative with excellent prose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Paul, and Angel and Jodi for your kind comments.