Friday, December 4, 2009

Mission to Mars and Red Planet make John Scalzi’s list of worst SF films of decade

Award-winning science fiction novelist and AMC media critic John Scalzi has posted his list of the Ten Worst SciFi Blockbusters of the '00s.

Both Mission to Mars (2000), starring Gary Sinise, Connie Nielsen, Tim Robbins and Don Cheadle, and Red Planet (2000), starring Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore and Benjamin Bratt, made Scalzi's list.

Pictured: Promotional poster for Red Planet.

[via Charles Tan of SF Signal]


Mauricem said...

That list is fantastic. LOL I couldn't improve on it if I tried.

Anonymous said...

These two films always get lumped together, which is unfortunate. Red Planet is a steaming pile of crud.

Mission to Mars, on the other hand, is a great film. I watch it every few months. It shows a lot of the spirit and optimism that used to surround NASA missions.