Sunday, December 6, 2009

Martians, Go Home, a new comic adaptation of Fredric Brown’s classic 1955 novel

The first issue of Martians, Go Home, a new six-issue comic book adaptation of science fiction author Fredric Brown’s classic 1955 “paranoia” Sci-Fi novel, was scheduled to be released last week by Sequential Pulp Comics. Written by Martin Powell and illustrated by Mike Manley, here’s a description of Martians, Go Home:

That's right, real Martians. Seriously. Suddenly, without warning, one billion Little Green Men are everywhere. The Martians are on your street and in your house, all of them knowing your deepest and darkest secrets. Untouchable as ghosts and obnoxious as hell, their sinister agenda remains a mystery. Perhaps their plan is simply to drive the entire human race insane, for that is exactly what they're doing.

From flop house to the White House, no one is above, or below, the torment of the alien invaders. All is lost. Or is it? Only our unlikely hero, Luke Devereaux, a burnt-out science-fiction writer with nothing left to lose, knows how to defeat the Martians . . . but he has already lost his mind!

Writer Martin Powell, whose career was inspired by Ray Bradbury and who has corresponded with the literary legend over the years, revealed in a January 2009 interview that the comic adaptation of Martians, Go Home is the most rewarding project of his professional career.

Equally interesting is this March 2009 interview with artist Mike Manley, in which he stated that he first became aware of Fredric Brown's 1955 novel "as a teenager mostly through the cover art that Kelly Freas painted."

Although I don’t particularly care for the cover of Issue #1 painted by artist Bret Blevins (pictured above), the interior art is simply amazing. Check out some of Mike Manley’s sketches and finished pages for Martians, Go Home on his blog, Draw!

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