Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reviews of Gilbert and Edgar on Mars, the new novella by Eric Brown

Here are two short but positive reviews of Gilbert and Edgar on Mars (Nov 2009), the new novella written by British science fiction author Eric Brown and published by PS Publishing. The first review is by The Baryon Review, which concludes “This is a very enjoyable tale and would make a great present for your friends who enjoy the pulpish tales of yesteryear.” The second review is by Leona Wisoker of Green Man Review, who concludes, in part, “the mixture of reality and surreality in this short novella, combined with Eric Brown's skill with details, written in an excellent reproduction of the way science fiction used to sound, produces a story engaging, amusing, and just the right length.”

PS Publishing has posted the first 17 pages (PDF) of Gilbert and Edgar on Mars.

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