Friday, November 6, 2009

Review of Gilbert and Edgar on Mars, the new novella by Eric Brown

Adam Groves of the horror website presents a brief but informative review of Gilbert and Edgar on Mars (Nov. 2009), the new novella written by British science fiction author Eric Brown and published by PS Publishing. In short, Groves concludes that Gilbert and Edgar on Mars, which chronicles the Red Planet adventures of literary giant G.K. Chesterton and pulp author Edgar Rice Burroughs, “is a spirited romp, opulently written and full of old world charm. It references Mars-friendly writers like Ray Bradbury and Philip K. Dick as well as the fiction of its reality-based protagonists, and does so without sacrificing the sense of fun and adventure that’s part and parcel to all good pulp fiction.”

PS Publishing has posted the first 17 pages (PDF) of Gilbert and Edgar on Mars.

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