Monday, November 23, 2009

NaNoWriMo writers breach 50,000-word barrier

Tresa Cho and Joi Weaver, two twenty-something SF fans and women writers, have breached the 50,000-word mark in writing their respective Mars novels for National Novel Writing Month 2009.

Cho’s novel, which is entitled Of All Things Forgotten and revolves around humans on Mars, has passed the 65,000-word mark! You can read an excerpt on her NaNoWriMo webpage. Also, her blog, Science Fiction and the Women who Love it, is worth checking out.

Joi’s untitled novel, which is set in the year 2052 and stars a woman named Dejah Sorenson who recovers NASA’s long-lost Phoenix Lander, is approaching the astounding 150,000-word mark! Joi is posting the entire novel in pieces on her blog, Dreamer of Mars.

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