Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After the Mars Exodus, a new LGBT novel written by Jackson Scheerer

Here’s an interesting work you can preview or purchase through the self-publishing website Lulu.com: After the Mars Exodus (2009), a new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender novel written by Jackson Scheerer. Focusing on the themes of religious tolerance and social justice, here's a description of After the Mars Exodus:

It has been over fifty years since a renegade Christian sect colonized Mars to make its own version of a perfect world. Michael Simonson was being raised into this world when he realized something that complicated things: He was attracted to men. Afraid that he would be executed for disobeying Martian law, he used the money his parents gave him for college to buy a one way ticket to Earth.

Captain Marley Rock is having his own crisis. Although he was raised to be socially aware, he had for the past twenty years been working for a travel corporation he believed to be unjust and evil. For his last mission on the PIV Copper, his fate will cross with Michael's and send them on an adventure neither they nor the crew would ever forget.

Jackson Scheerer is a bisexual and transgender author and activist who lives in Wisconsin.

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