Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review of McNamara & Braddock’s 2008 graphic novel The Martian Confederacy

Award-winning comic artist Brian Fies has written a detailed review of The Martian Confederacy: Rednecks on the Red Planet (2008), a graphic novel created by the team of scribe Jason McNamara and illustrator Paige Braddock. Set on Mars in the year 3535, the story is one of a planet that has lost its tourism trade and most of its natural resources. To save Mars, three outlaw rednecks scheme to get back the one thing that can cleanse the putrid air and return the planet to its former glory.

McNamara & Braddock maintain The Martian Confederacy Blog and are currently working on a sequel to their graphic novel The Martian Confederacy: Rednecks on the Red Planet.

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