Saturday, October 3, 2009

A review of D.G. Compton’s 1966 Mars novel Farewell, Earth’s Bliss

Several months ago, author, reviewer and longtime SF fan Don D’Ammassa posted a lengthy but awesome essay focusing on the works of SF author D.G. Compton. In reviewing Farewell, Earth’s Bliss (1966), a Compton novel set on Mars, D’Ammassa concluded that “The novel never quite pulls together. There’s no central story and no resolution to the stories of the individual characters. Their new society is repulsive and probably doomed to ultimate failure. It suggests the inadequacy of religion to sustain us, but suggests that the miraculous is possible. Despite some very effective scenes, the novel is too unfocused to be effective.”

Pictured: Cover of 1971 Ace paperback.

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