Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red Planet, Fox’s 1994 animated adaptation of the classic 1949 juvie by Robert A. Heinlein

In 1994, the Fox television network aired Red Planet, an animated miniseries adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s classic juvenile science fiction novel Red Planet (1949), on its Fox Kids program. Maintaining the plot and characters of Heinlein’s juvie, the storyline revolves around Jim Marlowe, a young colonist on New Ares, his native pet, Willis, and the dangerous mines of the Beta Earth Mining Company. With actors Mark Hamill and Roddy McDowall providing the voices of two minor characters, here is Part 1 of the ten-part, approximately 60-minute animation:

Here's the link to Part 2 through Part 10 on YouTube.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Fox's Red Planet won an Environmental Media Award in 1994.

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