Sunday, October 4, 2009

Martian Short Stories, a 2006 collection of works by Cliff Rhodes

Martian Short Stories (2006), a collection of works written by Cliff Rhodes of Meridian, Mississippi, is an interesting book that I recently purchased through the self-publishing website Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to read any of the stories yet, but here is the description of the collection:

This book is a group of fantastic short stories from another planet. Ten completely new and different short stories within these pages describe a unique although not exactly human being, yet they are tales about more than just special people, the Martians. This is science fiction about not only space ships, but also about believable, extraordinary, extrasensory beings. In my stories I have tried to find not only Martian space ships but also the Martian mind. Mars is a planet that will always hold our fascination, even if we never leave the Earth.

Here's the Table of Contents:

1. “Martians - More Than Just Spaceships”

2. “Martians - Here to Stay”

3. “Martians and Bright Cylinders”

4. “Martian Capital Cities Long Dead”

5. “A Martian in the Astral Way”

6. “’Blue’” Spies

7. “Mystery at Moon Base Mu”

8. “Martians - Before the Drought”

9. “A Martian Too Dangerous to Keep”

10. “The Day the Martian Hives Rebelled”

Cliff Rhodes is also the author of Narrow Place of the Heart and Mind, (Earth Heart, Martian Mind) (2007).

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