Monday, October 26, 2009

Machines of Loving Grace, a 2008 biblical novel written by Isaac Israel

Here’s another interesting novel you can preview or purchase through the self-publishing website Machines of Loving Grace (2008), by a fellow named Isaac Israel. A hefty, 400-page work that derives its title from Richard Brautigan's 1963 poem “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”, Machines of Loving Grace is the third volume in Israel’s Late-Earth Chronicles series. Here's a description of the novel:

Brit Raln is a young Martian with a problem. He's hearing voices. And what the voices are telling him will make him a fugitive from the Motherbrain. As he runs from killer robots and soulless automatons in the 30th century, he searches desperately for an ancient book called the Bible.

According to one reader, Machines of Loving Grace “is the story of Abraham set on Mars! Abraham is an Earth-born Martian lad, Ur of Chaldees is a beautiful machine city built on the edge of Valles Marineris (the Grand Canyon of Mars), and the Sumerians are robots! This is a biblical fairytale for the 30th century.”

Interestingly, Machines of Loving Grace is dedicated, in part, to “the memory of all the great pulp science fiction writers of the Golden Age -- A. E. van Vogt and Isaac Asimov, in particular -- whose early works, when they were turned into novels some twenty years after their debut in magazines, were sources of joy and wonder to a certain young lad of thirteen.”

Isaac Israel is a Messianic Jew who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife.

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