Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interview with Doctor Who director Graeme Harper on forthcoming “The Waters of Mars”

SFX, "the Earth's greatest SF and fantasy magazine," has an interview with British television director Graeme Harper on the BBC’s forthcoming Doctor Who tv special “The Waters of Mars.” Starring actor David Tennant as the Doctor and acclaimed actress Lindsay Duncan as his companion, Adelaide, the storyline is set on the Red Planet and involves humans, zombies, and the waters of Mars. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:
Graeme Harper: Now, how do you make it creepy? It seems to be alive, the water, by the way it follows the characters in the story. Sort of -- we didn’t make a big thing of it in the story, but that’s how I shot it, so it was chasing people, following them and trapping them. The best effects you can get come out of seeing the enormity of the water, the relentlessness of it. I think where it becomes really creepy and you get the fear, is when it continues draining out of characters’ mouths.
“The Waters of Mars” is scheduled to be aired in the UK in November 2009.

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