Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fort Worth stage production of A Princess of Mars receives a lone star

Punch Shaw of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has reviewed the Hip Pocket Theatre’s stage production of A Princess of Mars (1912/1917), the “historic novel of Homeric science-fantasy” written by pulp author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and essentially given it a lone star. Here’s my favorite line from Shaw’s review:

“The whole affair is played with the grim earnestness of a Star Trek episode, where William Shatner is in his fullest over-emoting glory, while it looks like a Flash Gordon serial meets Plan 9 from Outer Space.”

Adapted for the stage by Johnny Simons with puppet design by Lake Simons, A Princess of Mars opened on October 2nd and runs through October 24th.

Pictured: Promotional artwork for Hip Pocket Theatre’s 2009 production of A Princess of Mars.

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