Sunday, September 27, 2009

Video of Ray Bradbury’s short story “Usher II” set to Radiohead’s song “Karma Police”

Here’s an interesting video compiled by a student for an English class. It's a telling of Ray Bradbury’s bookish short story Usher II (1950), part of his classic collection The Martian Chronicles, set to English alternative rock band Radiohead’s song “Karma Police,” perhaps the most well-known song on their award-winning album OK Computer (1997).

Almost forgot: It's Banned Books Week!


GuyStewart/DISCOVERCHURCH said...

I enjoy visiting your site! Think anyone would be interested in a site about VENUS? I know not much has been written about it...though as I think about it, I might be wrong...anyway, I just thought I'd mention I did another piece in my Mars Universe at

Hope you enjoy it!

Paul said...

Thanks for the kind words and the tip on your latest Mars piece.

I think a blog about Venus would be great. One way to gauge potential material would be to do a title keyword search for "Venus" (378 hits!) and "Venusian/s" (25/5 hits) in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database (

Doc Mars said...

Nice idea.
There is certainly a great bunch of venusian stuff.