Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review of the 2000 film Mission to Mars

Dwayne Day of The Space Review: Essays and Commentary about the Final Frontier has written a comprehensive and balanced review of the Hollywood film Mission to Mars (2000), starring Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, and Connie Nielsen. With beautiful photos from the film, Day concludes that “Mission to Mars promised a technically accurate representation of human Mars exploration, but fell short in many areas, including the story.”

Next week: Dwayne Day reviews the film Red Planet (2000).

Pictured: Promotional poster for Mission to Mars.


K.E. said...

And this was the better of the 2 sad attempts at Mars movies that came out in 2000...

Paul said...

I saw this film for the first time just a few weeks ago on TV. I thought it was pretty good up until Tim Robbins got killed. Also, the Face on Mars looked ridiculous. And, Gary Sinise was wearing too much eye make-up.