Sunday, September 20, 2009

Listen to a reading of Alastair Reynolds’s 2002 short story “The Real Story”

More news from last year that I missed: In August 2008, StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine posted a podcast reading of “The Real Story” (MP3, 92 minutes), a short story written by British SF author and newly minted millionaire Alastair Reynolds that was originally published in the anthology Mars Probes (2002). A tale about a female journalist who seeks the real story behind the first manned mission to Mars, “The Real Story” is narrated by Tee Morris. Here are the opening lines of this aural delight:

I cupped a bowl of coffee in my hands, wondering what I was doing back home. A single word had brought me from Earth; one I’d always expected to hear but after seventeen years had almost forgotten.

That word was
shit: more or less my state of mind.

Grossart had promised to meet me in a coffeehouse called
Sloths, halfway up Strata City. I’d had to fight my way to a two-seater table by the window, wondering why that table -- with easily the best view -- just happened to be empty. I soon found out: Sloths was directly under the jumping-off point for the divers, and one of them would often slam past the window. It was like being in a skyscraper after a stock market crash. …

[via John DeNardo of SF Signal]

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