Monday, September 7, 2009

Life story of Space Elevator legal expert omits $5m cracked Kindle lawsuit

Here’s another humorous chapter in Amazon’s Orwellian adventures. The blog Embodied Living recently penned a Rockwellian life story of Alisa Brodkowitz, the Seattle aviation attorney and expert on Space Elevator legal issues, whose husband, Matthew J. Geise, filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Amazon because the Internet retailer refused to replace the couple’s cracked Kindle e-book reader. Perhaps not surprisingly, the story of “Little Bo Peep” Brodkowitz neglects to mention the lawsuit against Amazon, even though it mentions:

• Matt Geise, Brodkowitz’s husband and official plaintiff in the lawsuit

• Beth Terrell, Brodkowitz’s friend, colleague, and attorney in the lawsuit

• Brodkowitz’s involvement in another Seattle legal laugher: a lawsuit against Boeing for toxic fumes released in the cabin of a commercial aircraft

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