Wednesday, September 2, 2009

“Life on Mars,” a new CellStories short story by Paul M. Davis that will become extinct

CellStories, a recently launched service that provides a free daily dose of awesome fiction for your cell phone or other mobile device, has a new sexually explicit short story by Chicago-based writer Paul M. Davis entitled “Life on Mars” (2009). A piece about "a resigned man grappling with guilt on the surface of Mars while living among a sociopathic shipmate," here are the opening lines of "Life on Mars":

I caught Jones jacking off again. I walk into compartment three, and there he is, space trousers around his ankles and cock in hand. Let loose on him this time. Told him that if I ever saw the shriveled little peg ever again, I would cut the goddamned thing off with pliers. The crew has had an agreement this entire mission, to wait until the others are sleeping, and to do it as covertly as is possible when you're sharing a tin can 23 million miles from Earth's surface. ...

Unfortunately, the folks at CellStories believe that you should be reading stories on your mobile device and not your computer. So, “Life on Mars” will become extinct by tomorrow.

However, at the moment, you can listen to an 8-minute podcast of Paul M. Davis reading his story "Life on Mars."

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