Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forthcoming: Out of Orbit, a book based on artist Tom Dell’Aringa’s webcomic Marooned

Last month, artist Tom Dell’Aringa announced details of Out of Orbit, a forthcoming book based on his twice-weekly webcomic Marooned: A Space Opera in the Wrong Key. In addition to the first 100 strips of Marooned, which chronicles the adventures of Captain John and his robot companion, Asimov, who have been stranded on Mars, the book will contain bonus material, including:

• Five Marooned bonus strips

• Mars Orbital Surveyor Image Gallery, in which various artists “provide a fresh and stunning look into the Marooned world”

• Selected pieces of development art from the Marooned vault

• Mission Log, which reveals the story behind the story of Marooned

“Payload,” an exclusive six-page short story written and drawn by Steve Ogden which explains how the Marooned character Lian Fisher arrived on Mars

Pre-Orders for Out of Orbit will be accepted shortly!


Tom Dell'Aringa said...

Thanks for the plug Paul, I appreciate it! :)


Paul said...

You're welcome!