Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doom 3: Maelstrom, a recent military SF-H novel written by Matthew Costello

Doom 3: Maelstrom (March 2009), a military science fiction horror novel by award-winning, multi-platform writer Matthew Costello, was published earlier this year as a mass market paperback by Pocket Star Books. The second novel in a trilogy about the first-person-shooter video game Doom 3, here’s a description of Doom 3: Maelstrom, from Amazon:

In the year 2145 ... after disobeying a direct order, former special ops Marine Lieutenant John Kane found himself stripped of his rank and reassigned to the "U.S. Space Marines" -- the private army of the Union Aerospace Corporation. Now little more than a glorified security guard, Kane reluctantly accepts his fate on Mars City, the environmental community/lab center on the legendary red planet.

But Kane could never have imagined the unspeakable horrors that awaited him there -- nightmarish aberrations of nature and unholy unions of flesh and machine awakened by unsuspecting researchers attempting to divulge the arcane secrets of this planet's extraordinary past. As the terrifying violence grows, Kane and a ragtag band of survivors must call on all of their skills if they can ever hope to make it out of Mars City alive -- even as those at the highest echelons of power continue their own covert and deadly machinations in a relentless bid to seize the ultimate source of power.

You can read Chapter 1 and two fan reviews of Doom 3: Maelstrom at Amazon.

Matthew J. Costello maintains his own website.

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