Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Author Jo Walton looks back at Terry Bisson’s 1990 novel Voyage to the Red Planet

Canadian science fiction and fantasy writer Jo Walton has taken an interesting look back at Voyage to the Red Planet (1990), a novel written by award-winning American SF&F author Terry Bisson. A satire about the Hollywood film industry and its mission to Mars, Voyage to the Red Planet even has a joint American-Soviet spaceship named Mary Poppins. Praising the novel's characters and humored by all of the “reductio ad absurbam Libertarianism,” Walton concludes that “This is definitely a romp rather than a book to take seriously, but it’s a fun read. Bisson’s satire works better for me at short lengths, and this will never be my favourite of his novels, but I’m very glad to own a copy after all this time.”

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