Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Offworld, a new Christian novel by Robin Parrish

Offworld (Bethany House Publishers, July 2009), a new Christian novel written by author and journalist Robin Parrish, is generating quite a bit of interst in the mainstream press and the blogosphere. Set in the 2030s, here’s a description of Offworld, taken off of

The return of NASA's first manned mission to Mars was supposed to be a momentous day. But when the crew loses touch with ground control before entry, things look bleak. Safe after a treacherous landing, the crew emerges to discover the unthinkable -- every man, woman, child, and animal has vanished without a trace. Alone now on their home planet, the crew sets out to discover where everyone has gone -- and how to get them back -- only to discover they may
not be as alone as they thought.

Parrish has a neat marketing campaign to promote his new novel. In addition to posting the first chapter of Offworld on his website, he has downloadable wallpaper and a book trailer posted on YouTube.

The August 2009 featured novel of the month of the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, Offworld was reviewed by a long list of bloggers, including writer and editor Rachel Starr Thomson, Jason Joyner of the blog Spoiled for the Ordinary, and Dona Watson of the blog Fantasy & Faith, as well as Timothy Taylor of

Interested in reading an interview with author Robin Parrish? Check out this interview with Timothy Taylor of, or this interview with Julie of the blog My Own Little Corner of the World.

Almost forgot: You have a chance to win a copy of Robin Parrish's new novel Offworld if you can respond to Rachel Starr Thomson by Friday, August 28, 2009.

Pictured: Cover of Offworld, courtesy of Bethany House Publishers.

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