Friday, August 21, 2009

"Martians Never Die," a 1950s short story written by Lucius Daniel

Looks like I need to add one more item to my summer reading list: “Martians Never Die,” a short story written by Lucius Daniel. Originally published in the April 1952 issue of Galactic Science Fiction magazine, "Martians Never Die” has a niece piece of Mars art by the illustrator Ed Emshwiller. Here are the opening lines of the story:

At three-fifteen, a young man walked into the circular brick building and took a flattened package of cigarettes from his shirt pocket.

"Mr. Stern?" he asked, throwing away the empty package.

Stern looked with hard eyes at the youthful reporter. He recognized the type. ...

You can read "Martians Never Die” online or download it for free from either or Project Gutenberg.

Thanks to Dave Tackett of QuasarDragon for the tip and the links. I’ve never heard of writer Lucius Daniel and there is no entry for him in Clute & Nicholls' The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1995)!

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