Monday, August 10, 2009

“Mars Bound,” a new fantasy story by K.J. Gould about an elf on the Red Planet

“Mars Bound,” a new fantasy short story written by K.J. Gould in which an elf hopes to become the first of her race to land on the Red Planet, was published in Ages of Wonder (March 2009), a Canadian anthology of nineteen stories of myth and magic.

According to the Fantasy Book Critic, "Mars Bound” “follows an unconventional and out of the ordinary storyline. The author explores a credible future where elves live among people and manage to get on the planet Mars because of the ambition of such a being. This is a good opportunity for the author to analyze the roots of magic that the elves possessed and how they are using of it with so much grace. A story which proves that the imagination beats the stereotype and that there are still writers that can write original elves stories.” The Fantasy Book Critic’s conclusion: “The premise is interesting but the author's style did not quite work for me.”

Pictured: The anthology Age of Wonder (2009).

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