Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Mammoth e-Book of Mindblowing Mars SF

Many readers are attracted to science fiction works about Mars and Martians for that singular moment when a story, poem, or piece of flash fiction shatters your imagination, enabling you to see something in a fresh crimson light. Sadly, not all science fiction works this way!

The Mammoth e-Book of Mindblowing Mars SF (2009) presents 20 of the finest examples of mind-expanding, awe-inspiring, 21st-century Martian science fiction that are free and ready-to-read on the Internet. The storylines range from a spunky young bride-to-be truding across Red Planet sands, to a classical concert on Earth interrupted by unannounced guests, to a brutish psychic that roams the twisting urban alleys of the north face of Mars. These are works that take you across time and space -– from today’s top-name contributors, including Camille Alexa, Kage Baker, Terrie Leigh Relf, Patricia Stewart, Mary A. Turzillo, and Liz Williams. So sit back, adjust your glasses, and prepare to have your mind blown!

1.  “The Clone-Wrangler’s Bride” short story by Camille Alexa (2007)

2.  "The Empress of Mars" novella by Kage Baker (2003)

3.  “Marsdog” short story by Beth Bernobich (2007)

4.  “Moresheck” flash fiction by J.R. Blackwell (2005)

5.  “Sunset on Mars” flash fiction by Laura Bradford (2007)

6.  "Mars-side" short story by C.B. Calsing (2009)

7.  “Details” flash fiction by Patricia Duncan (2009)

8.  “Martian Mice” short story by Marianne J. Dyson (year)

9.  "Life from Mars" flash fiction by Penelope Friday (2008)

10.  “The Last Martian” short story by keeni84 (2009)

11.  “Gustav’s Mars” flash fiction by Emily Leverett (2009)

12.  “Red Dust” short story by Amanda Lord (2009)

13.  “Tharsis Lil” poem by Mary Jo Rabe (2007)

14.  “Why She Canceled Her Online Dating Membership: A Martian Female Responds (a triolet)” poem by Terrie Leigh Relf (2008)

15.  “Evergreen and Always” short story by Alice M. Roelke (2008)

16.  “Yo-Yo: The Gift” short story by Rebecca K. Rowe (2006)

17.  “You Might Be A Green-neck If...” flash fiction by Patricia Stewart (2008)

18.  "Zora and the Land Ethic Nomads" novelette by Mary A. Turzillo (2007)

19.  “La Malcontenta” short story by Liz Williams (2005)

20.  “Mars Ain’t No Place For Ladies” short story by Filamena Young (2007)

Inspired by Mike Ashley's The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF (2009), The Mammoth e-Book of Mindblowing Mars SF is dedicated to author Leigh Brackett (1915-1978).

Pictured: SF reader prepared to have her mind blown.


materkb said...

Hmmm. Is this antho for real?

Paul said...

This anthology is totally real. Try reading one of the works!

Cathy said...

#9 has gone 404.

Paul said...

Thanks, Cathy. I changed the link from pdf to html. It should work now.

Stephen R. Smith said...

Great collection of work, and I'm pleased to see two stories from 365tomorrows in the mix. The recognition of JR and Patricia's talents is very much appreciated.

Paul said...

Stephen, I'm thinking about putting together Volume 2, which would give me an opportunity to include J. Loseth.

Anonymous said...

If the collection and its sequel are paying markets then I would be glad to review it in my blog, which covers paying markets for sf/f/h poetry and flash fiction.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this looks amazing. I can't wait :)

(Also, for the sequel? I think you'd be amiss not to take a look at Cat Valente's "How To Become a Mars Overlord" ( )

ACL said...

Somehow this is the first I've come across this. I am awed and humbled to be included with so many amazing authors, particularly with my first published story. -- Amanda Lord

Martin Wisse said...

The tenth entry in the anthology is hidden behind a private link on Livejournal.

Apart from that, a great anthology and thanks for mentioning it on SFSignal the other day...

Alice said...

Oh my god, this anthology was cited in print! On the first page of a book about Martian sf!