Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Demo for forthcoming animated film The Lost Hieroglyph: a Brackett & Burroughs Adventure

Check out this beautiful five-minute demo of The Lost Hieroglyph: a Brackett & Burroughs Adventure, a forthcoming stop-motion animated film, which debuted at the recent Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego. A project of independent filmmaker Steve Weintz of Big Sur,
the film is a retro sci-fi screwball adventure in which “Rocket” Ray Brackett and Catherine Louise "Ceel" Burroughs, his wife, journey to Mars to find a missing relative and a lost book. In
the process, they foil a plot to destroy the Martians and enslave Earth. Here’s a description of the five-minute demo, taken directly from Weintz’s website:

The archaeologist Dr. Michael Brackett runs out of fuel near a ruined temple in the dead sea-bottom of Mars. Seeking cover from pursuit, he hikes over to its statues, and is studying one when he is shot and falls off the platform. A Martian warrior, who has been chasing him across the dead sea-bottom, holsters her pistols and draws her swords for the Close Combat. Dr. Brackett attempts to rise and fend off the warrior, but as she raises her blades we fade to black...

The Lost Hieroglyph: a Brackett & Burroughs Adventure is full of literary, visual, and historical references to science fiction. Read
the biographies of the full cast of characters: Ray Brackett, Ceel Burroughs, Fritz Leiber, Mrs. Margaux Leiber, Dr. Michael Brackett, and the Martian Warrior!

Pictured: Promotional poster for The Lost Hieroglyph: a Brackett & Burroughs Adventure. Adventure never looked this good!

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