Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chris Roberson’s alternate history novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons wins 2008 Sidewise Award

Congratulations to author Chris Roberson, whose novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons (Solaris, 2008) won the 2008 Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History Long Form at Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, held this weekend in Montréal.

The first novel in Roberson’s epic The Celestial Empire alternate history series in which China has achieved world domination, The Dragon’s Nine Sons revolves around a military conflict between China and Mexico on and in the neighborhood of a partially terraformed planet called Fire Star (Mars). Taking the title of his novel from an
old Chinese legend, Roberson once compared The Dragon’s Nine Sons to The Dirty Dozen in space.

Roberson was genuinely surprised by winning the Sidewise Award. Read his response: "2008 Sidewise Award, the acceptance speech
that wasn't."

The Dragon’s Nine Sons was reviewed by John DeNardo of SF Signal, Rob Bedford of SFFWorld, Duncan Lawie of Strange Horizons, Stephen Silver of SF Site, Russell Letson of Locus Online, the Fantasy Book Critic, and Don D’Ammassa.

The first three chapters of The Dragon's Nine Sons are posted on BookSpot Central Review.

Thanks to John DeNardo of SF Signal for the Sidewise Award news about The Dragon's Nine Sons.

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