Saturday, August 15, 2009

“Chocolate Kittens From Mars,” a new short story by Mary A. Turzillo

“Chocolate Kittens From Mars,” a new short story by science fiction writer Mary A. Turzillo, was published in the #107 Summer 2009 issue of Space and Time: The Magazine of Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. Although I haven't read the story, I understand that the plot involves a man named Herschel, his lover Ivy, and a heart-shaped box of bio-engineered kittens from Mars who taste like chocolate when you lick them.

“Chocolate Kittens From Mars” was reviewed by Robert J. Santa
of SFReader, Steve Fahnestalk of Tangent, and Sam Tomaino of SFRevu. Santa, whose review is the most insightful of the three, concludes: “Solid ending, solid writing, this piece is nice for dessert.”

Here's an illustration by artist Alan F. Beck of the chocolate kittens from Mars.


Sharon E. Dreyer said...

Dang it; I'm allergic to chocolate! I'll have to check it out anyway. Thanks for sharing.

Paul said...

Allergic to chocolate? Quelle horreur! That means you can't eat candy bars from Mars!