Sunday, August 2, 2009

Barsoom Tales: A new Mars SF blog founded by British astronomer and writer Stuart Atkinson

Englishman Stuart Atkinson, a lifelong amateur astronomer, author of ten children’s astronomy and spaceflight books, and an astronomy outreach educator to the public, has just unveiled Barsoom Tales, a new blog for his short story Mars fiction. At the moment, Atkinson has posted one story, “Hunters” (2009). I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but here are the opening lines:

From: JenCReed@ChryseBase.Mars.Plan
To: CalMac@San/Ork/Scotia/Terra.Plan
Date: Earth/Feb 12, 2062

Hi Cal,

Your last letter was wonderful, again, Thank You! I’m assuming that as it cut off near the end there, something stopped you completing it as planned; that’s okay, I’ll just chew my nails nervously while waiting for part #2! ...

Stuart Atkinson also maintains a personal webpage, where you’ll find links to his astro-poetry, as well as the science blog Cumbrian Sky, which focuses on the night sky and space exploration.

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