Saturday, August 29, 2009

ARC of The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition gets some love

The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf & Book Review provides a positive review of the advanced reading copy of The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition by Ray Bradbury, a limited edition book being co-published by Subterranean Press and PS Publishing. Scheduled to be released in late 2009, this “massively expanded new edition of the Ray Bradbury magnum opus” contains the original The Martian Chronicles (1950) (with an introduction by author John Scalzi), 22 previously uncollected or unpublished Martian stories by Bradbury (with an introduction by author Joe Hill), two previously unpublished screenplays of The Martian Chronicles (1964, 1997), an essay by Bradbury, and artwork by Edward Miller.

Here’s a beautiful excerpt from The Mad Hatter’s review: “The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition is a volume destined for the display shelf. It will proudly sit there shouting to all who enter my library area and shout that this is one of the best books of its kind, ever. As soon as I opened the package I was blown away but it sheer size, weight, and completeness. I immediately starting reading the introductions and found myself reading the majority of the original story and than thumbed through many of the unpublished short stories gems, which would be worth the price alone for the true Bradbury die-hards. However, this is no single sitting book, but one to be savored and reread for years to come.”

I can hardly wait until I receive my package later this year! Yahoo!

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