Friday, July 24, 2009

Yobs piss the galactic pool, have American SF and Premiership fans seeing red

2009 may go down in history as the Year of the Yob.

In May, British SF&F author Andy Remic established the controversial but now-defunct Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics project, and then ranted about some unnamed “motherfuckers” who are "systematically ruining the SFFH genres.”

In mid July, Stuart Jeffries, a book columnist for the British newspaper Guardian, called American science fiction writers “wimps” for allegedly neglecting to write about “far-future set, space-operatic, hard sci-fi.”

In late July, British SF author and critic Adam “Robespierre” Roberts urinated all over the Hugo Awards (again!).

What next, former Premier League football superstar and current Los Angeles Galaxy soccer player David Beckham will get fined $1,000
for acting like an East End yob before the hometown crowd? Oh, Manchester, so much to answer for.

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