Friday, July 31, 2009

SF humor: “What’s He Doing in There?” a 1957 short story by Fritz Leiber

Here’s a humorous short story from the Golden Age of Science Fiction: “What’s He Doing in There?” by Hugo Award-winning author Fritz Leiber. Originally published
in the December 1957 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine and downloadable for free from either or Project Gutenberg, "What’s He Doing in There?”
is about a cultural encounter between an anthropologist’s family and the first Martian to visit Earth. Starring the Professor, his Wife, his Little Son, his Coltish Daughter, and the Martian, here are the opening lines of the story:

The Professor was congratulating Earth's first visitor from another planet on his wisdom in getting in touch with a cultural anthropologist before contacting any other scientists (or governments, God forbid!), and in learning English from radio and TV before landing from his orbit-parked rocket, when the Martian stood up and said hesitantly, "Excuse me, please, but where is it?" ...

Thanks to Tinkoo of Variety SF for the tip and the link!

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