Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A review of Stephen Baxter’s 1996 alternate history novel Voyage

The blog Republibot recently posted a lengthy review of Voyage (1996), an award-winning alternate history novel written by British hard science fiction author Stephen Baxter in which President John F. Kennedy survives his assassination attempt and the first manned mission to Mars blasts off in 1985. Trumpeting Voyage as the best alternate history novel ever, Republibot concludes, in part: “This is a great, great, great, book and very strongly recommended. It avoids all of the flaws of the Alternate History subgenre, and most of the flaws
of the “First mission to Mars” stories as well.”

Speaking of voyages to the Red planet, a majority of Americans surveyed believe the United States should send astronauts on a mission to Mars, a newly-releasesd CBS News poll finds.

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