Tuesday, July 28, 2009

“Menace from Mars,” a comic from the early 1950s

Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine has beautiful, readable jpegs of a comic entitled “Menace from Mars.” Published in the #13, October/November 1950, issue of Adventures Into the Unknown, the comic is ten pages long and the artwork is attributed to Charles Sultan. Here are the lines from the opening panel of “Menace from Mars”:

Here’s something new and strange, reader ... Truly an Adventure Into the Unknown! But this one’s different ... A manuscript slipped under our door, and written with all the fervor and desperation of truth! It’s the story of a weird Menace from Mars ... A message that you should know! Here it is, set down in the words of its author! Is it fact ... or fiction?

According to reader Pat S. Calhoun, “Menace from Mars" ends with
"a plea for world peace as the only way to prevent interplanetary invasion because Martian secret agents disguised as humans are warmongering, hoping we'll wipe ourselves out so they can take over.”

Thanks to Dave Tackett of the blog QuasarDragon for the tip!

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