Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fans flock to Mars for “Most Awesomely Bad SFF Cover in the World”

Publisher Orbit Books is asking fans for suggestions so it can create an especially bad, but entirely fictional, SFF book cover. If you’re interested, you have a couple of weeks to submit an idea for “the most ridiculously bad high-concept SFF book cover in the universe.” Once Orbit has picked a title, they’ll work out the reading line, the blurbs, and the cover elements. Then, fans will have an opportunity to help Orbit design a cover for the fictional book.

At the moment, 120 fans have submitted fictional book titles or plot concepts. As you can see from the following titles, fans have flocked to Mars and embraced Martians:

He Left Me on Mars

The Hobbits Go to Mars

Invasion of the Massive Mosquito-pods from Mars!

Mars Needs Fairies!

Mars on $5 a Day

Mars or Bust

Martian in the Mirror

Martian Sex Trap

Martian Under the Doormat

Martians are from Mars, Humans are from Earth: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want

Motherf*ckers from Mars

Planet of the Martian Ladies

Revolt of the Martian Marmots, #6 in The Revolting series

Speed-dating on Mars

Tentacle Sex Fiends From Mars

True Tales of Martian Wanderlust

Wereturtles of Mars -- the Mutant Ninja Saga

Winner Winner, Martian Dinner

Witch Way to Mars

Pictured: Skyler White of the recent AMC television drama Breaking Bad. She is rumored to be one of the MILFs in the fictional SF novel Motherf*ckers from Mars.


Doc Mars said...

The Return of the Seven martian bug-eyed Monsters

Red Dust in a Golden Eye

How to cook martian fish (without water)

The Martian Bicycles (tribute to Ray Bradbury)

How i meet your mother on Mars

Paul said...

Thanks Doc!