Saturday, July 11, 2009

BBC telly working on “The Waters of Mars,” a Doctor Who special

BBC One is working on a production of a Doctor Who television special entitled “The Waters of Mars.” Scheduled to be aired in the UK in the fall of 2009, the storyline is set on the Red Planet and involves humans, zombies, and the waters of Mars. Actor David Tennant will star as the Doctor and acclaimed actress Lindsay Duncan will play the role of Adelaide, head of a base on Mars.

"So what can we expect from The Waters of Mars? There's the question of the prophesy the Doctor heard at the close of Planet of the Dead. His song ending? He will knock four times? Will the Doctor learn more on the Red Planet? And when we last left him, he was travelling alone. The Time Lord who once delighted in sharing the wonders of the universe was once again the 'lonely angel'. But judging from what we already know of the story, he won't have long to worry about loneliness. There will be action, danger... and an awful lot of running!"

Check out video clips and a photo gallery for BBC’s forthcoming Doctor Who: “The Waters of Mars.”

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