Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 hip Martian SF items listed on AbeBooks

1) A Plunge into Space, by Robert Cromie, with an address by French science fiction author Jules Verne.
A second edition published in London in 1891, this 240-page novel is dedicated to Verne, who contributed a one-page address “To My English Readers.” Apparently, the 1890 first edition does not contain Verne's address. $850

2) Mars as the Abode of Life, by Percival Lowell, signed by Ray Bradbury. A 1910 edition of an influential nonfiction work and the first Mars book to mention canals. Signed by author Ray Bradbury: “This book influenced me, age 10! Ray Bradbury.” $945

3) Original two-page contract between author Edgar Rice Burroughs and his publisher, A. C. McClurg & Co., for the publication of the first edition of The Chessmen of Mars (1922). Signed by Burroughs and dated September 6, 1922. Framed with a photograph. $6,500

4) August and September 1929 issues of Amazing Stories magazine, which contain Part 1 and Part 2 of Leslie F. Stone’s little-known novella “Out of the Void.” The story was later expanded and published as a novel in 1967. $30 each.

5) March 1933 issue of Wonder Stories magazine, which contains
“The Dweller in Martian Depths,” a famous short story by Clark Ashton Smith. Apparently, Smith submitted the story under the title “The Dweller in the Gulf,” but magazine editor Hugo Gernsback changed the title to “The Dweller in Martian Depths” and altered the ending. $75

6) Quip, by Hugo Gernsback, with illustrations by artist Frank Paul. Printed in 1949 as a "Christmas card," this 48-page booklet contains “facts” about Mars and Martians. $250

7) Black Wing of Mars, by Vargo Statten (pseudonym of John Russell Fearn). A paperback original published in London by Scion Limited in 1953. $25

8) Blades of Mars; Warriors of Mars; and Barbarians of Mars, by Edward P. Bradbury (pseudonym of Michael Moorcock). Here we have Moorcock's Michael Kane trilogy, a pastiche of Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom novels. Three first editions, first printings, paperback originals, all published in 1965 and signed on the title pages by Moorcock. $350

9) March 1975 issue of Science Fiction Studies, which is devoted to "The Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick." A pamphlet published by Indiana State University, it contains articles by Brian Aldiss, Stanislaw Lem, and Ian Watson, among others. $60

10) Invaders from Mars, by Ray Garton. A paperback original published in 1986, this book is a novelization of the screenplay for the 1986 film Invaders from Mars. $25

Pictured: Cover of Black Wing of Mars (1953), by Vargo Statten.

Disclaimer: This list of items is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be construed as an endorsement to purchase any of the items.

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