Wednesday, June 3, 2009

“Zombies of Mars”, a recent short story by Canadian writer James Gordon Bailie

Thanks to the generosity of Canadian writer James Gordon Bailie, you can download his short story
“Zombies of Mars” (2007) as a PDF. I haven’t had time to read the story, but it seems to involve a naked woman, an immersive literary game called Zombies of London, and a trip to a colony on Mars. Here are the opening lines:

I found myself tiring of their accents, even. Edwina spoke with a generic London accent, while Marie spoke in a French accent so extremely nasal it sounded like a caricature.

I set the terminal of the messaging system in my cabin to auto-reply.

"Johnny is enjoying his quiet time, right now. Your frivolous interruption is not welcome. Goodbye." ...

“Zombies of Mars” is the title story of James Gordon Bailie’s book, Zombies of Mars (2008), a collection of “twelve (mostly science fiction) stories, ranging from farcical space opera to serious speculation.” I think all of the stories in this collection are available for free as PDFs at, a website maintained by Bailie.

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