Friday, June 19, 2009

“Paulo on Mars”, a new Biblical short story scribed by Guy Stewart

Science fiction scribe and SFWA member Guy Stewart published a new Biblical story, “Paulo on Mars” (2009), a few months ago on his blog, Possibly Irritating Essays: Thoughts on Christianity, Faith, Science Fiction and Writing. Set on the Red Planet and paying homage to Saint Paul, as well as several of my favorite science fiction authors, here are the opening lines:

Paulo Marcillon brushed ochre dust from his outsuit but froze mid-motion. Words of Jesus leaped into his head: “...shake the dust off your will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah than this city..."

He wasn’t ready to write off Robinson City just yet. Burroughs, Clarketown and Bradbury had pushed a few dozen Christians out their airlocks without suits since the Pogrom began. But not RC. ...

Although I’m not religious, I am a fan of Biblical archaeology and I've been to several sites in Greece and Turkey. Here’s one of the books in my library: In the Steps of St. Paul (1936, 2002), by H. V. Morton.

Pictured: Portion of “Saint Paul Preaching on Mars Hill”, a 19th-century engraving by T. Shilippoteaux.

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